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Laser cutting machine operating procedures

2017/3/20 view:

Laser cutting machine operating procedures

First, the safety regulations:

The laser cutting machine must be operated in safe and reliable conditions. The safety regulations are as follows:

1, The laser has a negative impact on the human body, in the course of the operation to protect the weak parts of the body,such as eyes, exposed skin, etc., should not look directly with the eyes of the laser Cut.

2, The operation process, any part of the body can not be in the runway within the beam, to avoid being bruised.

3, In the course of operation, can not open the laser, fuselage, chiller circuit control cabinet, to prevent high-voltage electrical harm to the human body.

4, Laser cutting machine must be shut down before the maintenance of power, to be completed before the power test.

5, The cylinder near the point of storage can not have any flammable material, can not have a fire source.

Second, the order of operation:

Must operate in the following order:

1, The total power supply. Check whether the power supply voltage and the three-phase balance meet the power requirements of the machine.

2,Start the chiller. Check the water temperature, water pressure is working properly.

3,Open the compressed air, check the air pressure is normal.

4, Check the nitrogen / oxygen, check the cylinder pressure, low pressure is normal; if the high pressure below 0.6Mpa, will have to replace the cylinder.

5,Start the laser.

6, The control system power. The machine back to zero, so that the machine into the standby state.

7, Enter the work piece processing program.

8,Open the auxiliary gas, and according to the different processing materials, adjust the air pressure. The auxiliary gas of the gas-electric converter should be adjusted in place to ensure that the air pressure is below a certain value when the cutting is stopped to ensure the safety of the focus lens.

9, On the material. Care should be taken to ensure the safety of life and to avoid bruising the machine.

10, Start the program for processing. Processing process should always pay attention to cutting the situation, if the cutting head through the empty situation to immediately stop, remove the fault factors, to continue cutting.

11, Shut down. The shutdown sequence is as follows:

A, Turn off the laser.

B, Close the chiller.

C, Turn off the nitrogen, oxygen; pay attention to strict, to prevent leakage.

D, Close the compressed air (air pump).

E,Turn off the control system power supply.

12, Clean up the scene, record the day of operation; if any failure occurred, must be recorded in order to diagnose the maintenance.


Three: machine maintenance:

(1) At any time to remove stains, dirt, keep the machine clean and tidy.

(2) Timely removal of waste in the cutting box.

(3) Timely clean up the debris on the exhaust filter to ensure smooth ventilation duct.

(4) Periodically check the mirror and focus mirror to keep it clean.