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  • Type: ETL-E9060
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Main Features          

Excelent exterior design            

Ultra-intense steel plate and industrial-grade guarantee the lifespan           

    of machine working         

Exquisite workmanship,unique design,with air draft in above and below              

Red light position systerm help to locate more accurately               

Detachable machine body,it is easy to enter some small entrance         

Detachable two sides,it is easy to adjust light and maintain            


Main Application Industry                    

"1. Advertising Industry:

Acrylic, Organic glass, Double-color board Laser Engraving and Cutting, Plaque Laser Engraving and Cutting."                            

"2. Arts and Crafts industry:

Crystal Engraving, Bamboo Laser Engraving, Wood board Laser Engraving, Blackwood/Rosewood Laser Engraving, "Double-color board Laser Engraving, Chessboard Laser Engraving, Marble stone Laser Engraving etc."                            

"3. Leather and Garment industry:

Any kind of Genuine Leather, Cloths, Garment pattern Engraving, Leather Cutting and Pattern Engraving."                                 

"4. Stone (gravestone) industry:

Engrave Picture, Image or Letters on Marble, Granite etc."                            

Item  Configuration parameter

1       Laser type        Sealed-off C02 laser

2       Laser power          80W         100W         130W

3       Processing rangeL×W    900mm×600mm

4       Energy control range       1100% controlled by software

5       Power supply   AC220V±10% 50HZ

6       Total power      1500W

7       Cutting thickness     0.2-20mm(depends on material)

8       Minimum line width         0.1mm

9       Wavelength     10.6um

10     Minimum engraved letter        1mm×1mm

11     Reposition accuracy at X/Y aixs       +0.05mm

12     Processing speed     01200mm/s

13     Working temperature      0-40

14     Resolution        0.025mm(1200dpi)

15     CCD lens  RNO   optional 1.3 million pixels

16     Supported file format       "BMPJPEGGIFTIFPCXPLTAI

TGADXP etc."

17     Drive motor     "       Japan Shinano stepping motor

       Japan servo motor"

18     Transmission Model         "       High accuracy  Belt drive

       Imported Ball screw or rack"

19     Auxiliary Device     Suction fan and exhaust fan

20     Chilling method        Water chiller

21     Machine size   1400×1040×1100mm

22     Machine N.W   250Kg

Price Term&Warranty                       


MOQ: 1 Set                                      

Delivery Time: 8-12 work days                                         

Price Term:  EX Factory                                          

Payment terms: 30% advanced by T/T,the balanced before shipping                                              

Validity of quote is within in 15 days                                        

Warranty: 12 months,with a full range of technical support      

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