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  • Brand: ETL
  • Type: M30C
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Main Features
◆ Widely used for marking kinds of unmetal materials
◆ Ultra-intense steel plate and industrial-grade guarantee the lifespan
◆ Small design,space saving,it is easy to move and lay out
◆ Exquisite workmanship,unique design,with air draft in above and below  
◆ Ecofriendly,meet the European Union standards
◆ Red light position systerm help to locate more accurately
◆ All key components are imported from Japan or Germany
◆ Easy to learn,easy to use for anyone

Model                ETL-M30C                          
Item          Configuration parameter                  Item          Configuration parameter        
1       Laser type        RF CO2 laser  10     Minimum line width         <0.1mm
2       Laser power     30W(optional 60W,80W) 11     Minimum character         0.40mm
3       Energy control range       1~100% controlled by software     12     Marking speed         0~7000mm/s
4       Power supply   AC220V±10% 50HZ        13     Working temperature      0℃-40℃
5       Total power      <1200W 14     Supported file format       BMP、JPEG、GIF、TIF、PCX、PLT、AI、TGA、DXP etc.
6       Marking range(mm)         110mm*110mm      15     Computer         Included
7       Wave length    10.6um    16     Chilling method        Wind chiller/Water chiller
8       Marking depth          <3mm    17     Machine N.W   200Kg
9       Reposition accuracy         ±0.01mm 18     Machine size   1100mm×660mm×1420mm

Main Application Industry
"1. Advertising Industry: Acrylic, Organic glass, Double-color board Laser marking, Plaque Laser marking and
"2. Arts and Crafts industry:Crystal Engraving, Bamboo Laser Engraving, Wood board Laser Engraving, Blackwood/Rosewood Laser
"     Chessboard Laser marking, Marble stone Laser 
marking etc."
"3. Leather and Garment industry:
Any kind of Genuine Leather, Cloths, Garment pattern marking, Leather marking and Pattern 
"4. Stone (gravestone) industry:
Mark Picture, Image or Letters on Marble, Granite etc."

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